I firmly believe that an inclusive society is created intentionally, with sensitivity to how information is communicated and how technology is used. I am curious about what might be and am determined to cultivate positive impact on human interactions through the use of products and services designed. 

Currently, I'm rethinking the way we visualize and interact with data at Trendalytics.  

During my academic pursuit, I worked with ECPAT to introduce play into raising awareness about sex trafficking; I collaborated to imagine a legal sex industry; and co-designed a platform that encourages grassroots idea-sharing

Aside from work, I am scouting for my next decor idea, I enjoy hiphop jazz, crime fiction, and I am passionate about gender equality and ending modern day slavery.  I recently completed my first Brooklyn Half Marathon, and became a Strength-Regular-Boxing-Rookie on ClassPass.

Iā€™m based in Manhattan, but have spent my defining years between Hong Kong and Toronto. 


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